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BBQ Summer Tips 2019

Are you the King or Queen of the BBQ's.... not everyone is a skilled barbecue-ist. As summer comes into full swing, everyone is beginning to look forward to as many weekend BBQs with friends and families across the UK as our stomachs can handle. However, BBQs are notorious for poor hygiene as food often gets left out for long periods [...]

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Food Hygiene Ratings Explained

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) focuses on three important areas of each food-related business and its operations: Hygiene – How is the food hygienically handled? How the food is prepared, cooked, ways in which it is then reheated, refrigerated and eventually stored. Structural - The shape of the buildings in which the business operates, the cleanliness, layout and lighting, [...]

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How To Improve Your Food Hygiene Rating

A high food hygiene rating makes perfect business sense and this is backed up by evidence. The Food Standards Agency’s recent survey found that over 85% of the public placed hygiene standards above location or price. Why wouldn’t they? Everyone wants to feel reassured when they dine out and a high rating does just that. How do you improve your [...]

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How can food hygiene training benefit your business?

If you run any kind of professional catering establishment then you know how key food safety is. Being able to set and maintain high standards in this area is one of the most crucial things you can do. One essential component within this for professional kitchens is ensuring their food handling staff understand this. The best way to make sure [...]

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Common Food Hygiene Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

A lot of us know that we should keep our kitchen clean to prevent ourselves and our families from getting ill. But handling foods safely is much more important than just cleaning our cooking areas, because many of us are still making some very dangerous food hygiene mistakes. Sometimes a simple mistake can result in major consequences. The following are [...]

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How To Improve Your Food Hygiene Rating

The food hygiene rating helps the public to choose where to eat out or purchase food by giving them information about hygiene standards in restaurants, hotels and other food establishments. Businesses should be prepared when the Environmental Health Officer visit their kitchen to inspect and rate the food they offer. As a consumer, for you to find out whether your [...]

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