Does Your Food Business Have a Low Food Hygiene Rating (and you need help?)

  All food businesses have the potential to be awarded the Food Standards Agency maximum Food Hygiene Rating of 5! Every week we have new clients that come to us to help them out of a very difficult situation when they have just recently been inspected by the environmental health officer, no food business wants [...]

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Top 10 Kitchen Safety Tips at Home… The Do’s and Don’ts

Top 10 Kitchen Safety Tips at Home... The Do’s and Don’ts                 Understanding hazards in your kitchen where you cook can help you and your family escape burns, cuts, slips and a stint of food poisoning especially as we are now in lockdown. When preparing and cooking with [...]

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Why Food Hygiene is Important

Food hygiene is one of the most important factors when considering where to eat and what to feed your family. But why is it so important? What are the implications of poor food hygiene? Food hygiene practices are not just for restaurants and food outlets, and are something that should also be applied to home [...]

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Eating out? How to check your restaurant’s rating before you go.

Most people like to eat out, as it means not only do you not have to cook but it is a change of scenery, a chance to catch up with friends as well as offering a relaxed evening out. However, the one thing you want to guarantee is that the food is better than you [...]

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Why Is Food Allergen Awareness and Training Important For Your Business

Food Safety Blog Tips by Sylvia Anderson, The Food Hygiene Expert! Why is Food Allergen Awareness and Training Important For Your Business? Customers with allergies are feeling more confident about eating out or ordering a takeaway with all the press relations in the media in regards to the new food allergen regulations. But does this [...]

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Why Coloured Chopping Boards Are Important To Prevent Cross Contamination

Food Safety Blog Tips by Sylvia Anderson, The Food Hygiene Expert! Chopping Boards and Cross Contamination. As a Food Hygiene Expert in the UK, one of the biggest risks in a professional kitchen is cross-contamination with chopping boards.  I witness this when I am conducting food safety audits across London and the UK as a [...]

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What You Need To Do To Maintain A 5-Star Food Hygiene Rating

You have worked hard to follow the strict guidelines and have achieved a 5-star food hygiene rating, but how do you make sure you hold on to it? If you concentrate on the suggested areas below, your business should achieve a good score whenever food hygiene inspections are conducted. Managing pest control The need for [...]

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Food Hygiene Ratings Explained

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) focuses on three important areas of each food-related business and its operations: Hygiene – How is the food hygienically handled? How the food is prepared, cooked, ways in which it is then reheated, refrigerated and eventually stored. Structural - The shape of the buildings in which the business operates, [...]

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How To Improve Your Food Hygiene Rating

A high food hygiene rating makes perfect business sense and this is backed up by evidence. The Food Standards Agency’s recent survey found that over 85% of the public placed hygiene standards above location or price. Why wouldn’t they? Everyone wants to feel reassured when they dine out and a high rating does just that. [...]

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