Our Food Hygiene and Safety Experts and Consultants work with you to create personalised documentation to support your Food Safety Management System to include only the most up-to-date legislation and best practice.

HACCP documentation is usually referred to as Food Safety Policies or Food Safety Management Systems. The law requires all categories of food businesses to implement and maintain documented procedures based on HACCP principles, known as (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). HACCP is an internationally recognised method of identifying and managing food safety related risks.

HACCP Documentation typically takes two days to complete depending on the size of your food business and special rates are provided if you have more than one food business site operating.

About our food safety management systems

Here at Sylvia A Consultancy we only offer bespoke and tailored food safety management systems or food safety policies for our clients. Our HACCP’s are written in simple language for you to understand. We give you a simple food safety policy that is easy to follow and implement with procedures and monitoring diaries which provide the necessary evidence that you’re checking food safety from farm to fork.

Our Food Safety Management System (HACCP) is a very comprehensive working document that will be completely tailored to your business and will cover the following elements:–

  • A complete Hazard Analysis from farm to fork.

  • A tailored Food Safety Policy.

  • A Cleaning Schedule for Equipment and Structure.

  • Opening and Closing Checks.

  • Quality Standards.